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Getting the Most out of College Town Living

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May 6, 2011–Living in a college town is quite unlike living anywhere else. The benefits of these communities are plentiful, from the beautiful campuses, to exciting events – often at reduced prices for town residents – to the youthful atmosphere. This article will highlight some communities which are particularly strong in these areas.

1. Beautiful campuses

College campuses are oftentimes a lovely highlight to any community. Open campuses can offer scenic strolls or picnics. Wagner College in New York, New York is a lush, green paradise – a breath of fresh air amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Sarasota, Florida is home to the New College of Florida; with the Gulf of Mexico as a backdrop, courtyards, and beaches, this campus is …stunning. Atlanta, Georgia is home to a variety of nice campuses, but Agnes Scott College, with its free-flowing design, trees, and flowers, has to be the nicest. Loyola Marymount University is a  gem of Los Angeles, with the typical white-and-brick architecture typical of California and dozens of palm groves. These are just a handful of America’s most beautiful campuses.


2. Events nearby – and at reduced prices

One of the best things about college communities is the slew of events on campus: lectures, plays, dances, film screenings, and more. Oftentimes, many of these events are open to the public to enjoy.  With more departments, students, and faculty, the bigger schools are going to have the most to offer – typically universities over colleges. We recommend the communities of the Ivies for the biggest and best performers, lecturers, and overall entertainment. Try New Haven, Connecticut for Yale University; Princeton, New Jersey for Princeton University; Washington, D.C. for Georgetown University; Providence, Rhode Island for Brown University; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the University of Pennsylvania; or Ithaca, New York for Cornell University. There’s nothing quite like being immersed in the exciting, amusing, and academic atmosphere of college for years on end.

3. Youthful atmosphere

College communities, in addition to oftentimes being lovely and exciting places, are also home to thousands of students who help keep the atmosphere lively and young. Austin, Texas, with its 50,000 college students, is a liberal haven in a conservative state. There’s a bustling college bar scene in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Probably the two most famous college towns are located on opposite coasts: Berkeley, California and Boston, Massachusetts embody the absolute epitome of college life, with multiple schools and engaging students who keep these communities two of the most youthful in the country.

The great thing about college towns is they are all different.  In some towns the campus is the center of the community, in others it is a delightful adjunct. They are all worth exploring.

What college towns do you like – or dislike. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your Comments below.

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