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Living a Small town Lifestyle in Tumwater, Washington

Located where the Deschutes River meets the Budd River at the southern end of Puget Sound, Tumwater is just a few miles from Olympia. Tumwater is a Chinook term meaning waterfall or rushing water. Beer afficianados of a certain age will recognize the name Tumwater as the source of Olympia Beer. Unfortunately the brewery in Tumwater has been retired in the wake of its acquisition by Miller. Neverthless this delightful town of about 12,000 lives on.

Where to Retire in Tumwater and Home Prices

According to the median home value in Tumwater was $490,419 in mid-2022, up over 22% from a year earlier.  There are active adult communities in the area (see Tumwater Active Communites at left).

What Is Special about Tumwater

Tumwater's location near Olympia and Puget Sound place it in a very desirable and beautiful area.

What Is Not Special about Tumwater

It never gets very warm with July's average only in the low 60's. 

Climate and Physical Environment

Tumwater's average January temperature is 39 degrees with July's average only 65 degrees.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

For culture, people in Tumwater would tend to go to Olympia, a college town with a lot to do.


The crime rate is slightly above average.

Medical Facilities

For medical facilities beyond a physician one would go to nearby Olympia, which is actually tending to engulf Tumwater.


Olympia Airport is adjacent to Tumwater.  Nearby ferry service is available to many points.

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