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Living a Singles Lifestyle in New York, New_York

New York, New York, it could be argued, might be the top town for singles in the U.S.  The city has 8,000,000 people, many of whom are single.   Many of those single people are new professionals who move to the city to start their careers, while others have never married.  Manhattan is the most famous of the 5 boroughs.  The cultural life in New York is particularly attractive to singles because there is always something to do - whether you want to be around other people are not.   One big advantage of living in Manhattan is not needing a car. The buses and subways and mass transit are great, walking is always an option, and  there are taxis. The city has never been safer, its crime rate low.

Where to Retire in New York and Home Prices

There are plenty of independent and assisted living facilities. Some naturally occurring retirement communities (NORCs) in New York include Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) where  1 bedroom apartments can start at $250k.  Forest Hills (Queens) is pricier and nicer. Tudor City is in Manhattan and also a NORC. Apartments less than $500,000 are scarce. The median selling price of a home in the 4th quarter of 2020 in the New York-Newark-Jersey City NY-NJ-PA area was $502,5 according to NAR. In Manhattan and the nicer parts of Brooklyn, however, a 2 bedroom apartment will probably cost close to $1 million. Some active adults might consider buying or renting a small studio apartment.residence as a part-time residence in the city. There are some cooperative hotels that you might also consider – when you are not living there you can rent it out.

What Is Special about New York

• Being in the center of the universe • Non-stop culture – Broadway, lectures, dance, opera, music • New York’s parks are magnificent • Mass transit – no need for a car • Restaurants for every taste and budget – never eat in the same place twice •  Diversity • Everybody is a philosopher

What Is Not Special about New York

 New York City, particularly Manhattan, is expensive; have to like to live in a big, some times smelly city; summers are hot and oppressive; golf is very poor in Manhattan

Climate and Physical Environment

New York City is situated on the flat Atlantic Coast of New York. Manhattan is an island surrounded by the East River and the Hudson River. There are many waterways and inlets in the area.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

No need to comment here- "The Big Apple" is the apex of American culture.


New York is a major city, so there is crime. However, that rate is down and one almost always feels safe there.

Medical Facilities

Choose from some of the most famous medical facilities in the world.


4 big international airports are a short cab ride away. The subways are noisy but reliable and fast. Busses are everywhere. This is one city in America where a car is a definite liability. Bike lanes added in recent years, as well as more pedestrian-only streets in Manhattan, have been very successful additions to the cityscape.

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