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Living a Outdoor Oriented Lifestyle in WARDSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA

The village of Wardsville is a picturesque village is attractive to people who want to live in a country setting where outdoor activities are easy to come by. Those include bird watching or hiking through some of southwestern Ontario's last remaining nesting sites for endangered birds. Wardsville, is part of the Greater Skunk's Misery complex consisting of old growth Carolinian forests. The forests are home to numerous species at risk including some of Ontario's rarest warblers, turtles, salamanders, plants and trees. The biggest Tulip tree I have ever seen resides deep in the forest near Wardsville and another fine example is right in town.

Where to Retire in WARDSVILLE, ONTARIO and Home Prices

Average house prices here are under $100,000.

What Is Special about WARDSVILLE, ONTARIO

Think of: Some of the last remaining intact Carolinian forests, home  rare birds, plants and trees. The Thames River, which is classified as a heritage river.  Historical importance: War of 1812 (Battle of Longwoods). Fishing and canoeing. Genealogy and story telling. Fresh vegetables. Good farmland and climate.   Real estate values are exceptional.

What Is Not Special about WARDSVILLE, ONTARIO

Wardsville has gone from being a vibrant village to a bedroom community. Taxes in Ontario are relatively high, particularly on higher income individuals.  There are surcharges on income taxes on income. For more information go to

Climate and Physical Environment

“Skunk’s Misery” consists of forest, grassland, wetland and watercourses. It straddles three counties and links to the Thames River. The woodlands play a significant role in protecting the air, soil and water. Skunk’s Misery is one of the few places in Canada where you can find a mix of Carolinian trees, such as Chestnut, Sassafras, Tulip Tree and Flowering Dogwood, typical of more southern climates. In the woodland and along the roadsides, is one of the country’s most diverse butterfly populations. The site has Canada’s largest colony of endangered Acadian Flycatcher along with many other rare species such as Black Rat Snakes and Cerulean Warblers. .  

The Thames River, a Canadian Heritage River flows through Wardsville. The Big Bend Conservation Area is close by and connected to Wardsville via the river. It is one of the few access points to the river between Delaware and Chatham.  

Newport Forest: is a 110-acre (45 ha) area on the south side of the Thames River. The property consists mainly of lowland forest, with some upland forest (the Hogsback), meadow, ravine slopes and bluff forests, and floodplain. Title to the Newport Forest was transferred to Thames Talbot Land Trust in June 2007. It is a private conservation area (not open to the public).  

Birding: Birders know about Skunk's Misery forest, which is recognized globally. They come to see some of the rarest birds in Canada. Many of the rare warblers depend on large (200 acre) undisturbed forests. Cerulean, Prothonotary and Hooded Warblers can be seen mating in the forests surrounding Skunks Misery.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Hospitality Wardsville has been a centre of hospitality since its beginnings as a white settlement. Wardsville Golf Club carries on this tradition, as do Babcock and Beattie Haven retirement facilities. Tracing the history of hospitality in the area may re-introduce new ideas for marketing and business opportunity.  

Rich local heritage and ancestry. Many stories are at risk of being lost while important genealogical and War of 1812 information is being uncovered. Military historians now have a complete list of those who fell at the Battle of the Longwoods at Battle Hill.  

The Shamrock car was built by the first registered car company in Canada, established by the Mimna brothers, two stonemasons from Wardsville, Ont. The car is in a small museum in Kingsville.  

Wardsville Community Hall (1931) Since the Wardsville Community Hall came back on the market, there have been many discussion about how to use it for the purpose it was intended: community entertainment and social events. Greg Simpson, a young impresario, is looking for investors. The community wishes him well. Wardsville can only benefit from a unique theatre business serving the broader region.


Crime in Wardsville is very low.

Medical Facilities

Excellent, for a small community. Four Counties Hospital with a rural emergency department and helicopter pad. 5 min away. 
Babcock long-term care faciilty with 60 beds (government supported nursing home). Beattie Haven Retirement Community for older adults with 40 residents (charitable non-profit no government support) . A Wellness Centre is part of the vision for Beattie Haven and Wardsville.


Transportation. Wardsville is 45 minutes from Chatham, Sarnia, and London and 2 hours from the “rest of the world” (Detroit, Toronto). It is 15 minutes from “survival services”: food, health services. 

There are no taxis serving the local area, but the Greyhound Bus line stops at Pop’s Variety (and anywhere along its Longwoods Road route). Longwoods Road (Hwy 2) has experienced declining traffic since the 401 Hwy was opened in the 1960s. Nonetheless, many people use Highway 2 as an alternate to 401.  

Communications The village has access to high speed Internet but some rural neighbourhoods do not. High-speed service is gradually covering Elgin County. Middlesex is also working to provide access to missed areas. Lack of high speed is causing rural businesses to fall behind. More and more, businesses cannot operate without high-speed access.  

Accommodations The area needs more local accommodation. Motels are very expensive to build under today’s standards. Woodgreen offers the Greenmantle and the Woodgreen House. Rodney offers Touch of Home and Lion’s Gate Estates. For more B&Bs in the area 


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