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Living a New urban/master planned Lifestyle in Seaside, Florida

Seaside, FL is one of the most famous New Urban communities in the world.   It is one of the first examples of the New Urbanism style of architecture, a retrospective treatment in which houses have front porches and people are encouraged to walk rather than drive their cars. Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk were the architects. Driveways and garages are usually hidden so that the town has a pedestrian orientation.  There are many recreational and communal activities to choose from.  Many residents rent out their homes; the town is often thought of as more of a popular vacation destination than a permanent community.  Seaside is located in Florida's Panhandle,midway between Fort Walton Beach and Panama City.

Where to Retire in Seaside and Home Prices

Seaside is a mixed-age community, where people of all ages live together.  Many residents rent out their homes; the town is often thought of as more of a popular vacation destination than a permanent community.
In early 2023, the medium price of a home was $579,000, according to, but home prices can easily go into the millions. For more details see the basic listing at Seaside.

What Is Special about Seaside

This is one of the leading edge communities in the country and definitely worth a visit. You can own here or rent for a vacation. Being a mixed generation community makes it more interesting than just being 55+.

What Is Not Special about Seaside

Many people complain that new urbanism type communities like Seaside lack imagination and soul. They aren't for everyone. Since many people use Seaside as a resort it tends to lack a permanent sense of community.  It is also very expensive.

Climate and Physical Environment

Seaside is on the northern, Gulf coast of Florida on the panhandle.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Seaside has many activities but the nearest serious cultural activities are probably in Tallahassee.


Crime in Seaside is very low.

Medical Facilities

Nearest medical facilities (and airports) of any size would be in Fort Walton Beach or Panama City.


The closest airport is in Panama City, about 30 miles away.

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