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Living a New urban/master planned Lifestyle in Corozal District, BELIZE

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Where to Retire in Corozal District and Home Prices

With so many separate villages in the district, real estate prices and types of homes vary greatly.  It's all about location.

What Is Special about Corozal District

Belize is very welcoming to expatriate retirements. Corozal District is slow paced and composed of many diverse neighborhoods with a mix of languages and culture. Mayan ruins and the beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula, along with sport fishing and nature preserves have made popular tourist and retirement destinations, not to mention weather. The world's second largest barrier reef spans almost the entire coastline of the country.

What Is Not Special about Corozal District

It is a small country in Central America, which might not appeal to everyone.

Climate and Physical Environment

The average January temperature is 74 degrees and the average July temperature is 83 degrees.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

The villages in Corozal are divided by color and language.  Multinational blend of cultures is evident everywhere. There is a mix of Belize's races and cultures such as Mestizos, Hispanic and Creole, East Asian, Mennonite and American Expats. Most common languages spoken are Spanish, English and Yucatan Mayan. The area offers much to do with Mayan sites, wildlife sanctuaries, and seaside parks.


Crime in the Corozal District is mainly theft.

Medical Facilities

In Belize the government operates the hospitals and clinics in the towns and villages, although there are some privately run systems.


There is a bus system and water taxis.

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