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Living a Mountain Lifestyle in PUEBLA, MEXICO

Surrounded on all sides by the volcanoes and mountains of the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt, Puebla is the capital city of the Mexican state of Puebla. It is located at about 7,000 ft. about sea level in the mountains of central Mexico, 2 hours south of Mexico City. The city has a distinguished tradition as an ancient Spanish city. There is a rich culture and architectural history. The city features many colorful squares, a vibrant arts scene, as well as being the gastronomical capital of Mexico. The city's center is the Plaza de la Constitucion, home to the huge Catedral de Puebla (built in 1575).  Many North Americans have migrated to this area for the climate, culture, and lifestyle. 

Where to Retire in PUEBLA and Home Prices

There are many neighborhoods of types of housing to choose from - from condo apartments to large homes. We found 2 homes for sale aimed at the expat market in a recent search - 180 sq.meters for $210,000 US and 298 sq.meters for $315,000. Prices go below that for smaller homes into the millions for very large homes in the fanciest neighborhoods. Search for homes for sale in Puebla Mexico and you will get an idea.

What Is Special about PUEBLA

An ancient spanish town.  Vibrant arts and crafts culture. Beautiful squares, including the Plaza de la Constitucion.  The historic center of Puebla has been designated to be a World Heritage Site by Unesco.  The city has a good buzz, with many new hotels and infrastructure catering to foreigners.  Wonderful cuisine including mole poblano, named after the city. The city is famous for its potter, a mixture of European techniques with native designs, which is now known as Poblano Talavera. See NY Times - "Savoring the Pleasures of Puebla".

What Is Not Special about PUEBLA

Puebla has a rainy season from June through August, with July being the wettest month.

Climate and Physical Environment

Puebla is located amidst mountains and volcanoes, 2 hours southeast of Mexico City. The climate is moderated by its high altitude of 2,200 m (7,217.85 ft). As a result it rarely gets truly hot in Puebla. The rainy season is May-October.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Puebla is second only to Mexico City for the number of its universities. The historical and cultural value of Puebla's architecture is a major reason the city was chosen as a World Heritage Site. Various styles and techniques such as Baroque, Renaissance and Classic are represented here in over 5,000 buildings. The historic center is filled with churches, monasteries, mansion, and other structures.  The Zocalo remains the cultural, political and religious center of the city. The Museo Amparo (Amparo Museum) is housed in two colonial-era buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries that were popularly known as El Hospitalito. The San Pedro Museum of Art exhibits works from various epochs. The Teatro Principal de Puebla (Main Theater of Puebla) was inaugurated in 1761 by Miguel de Santamaría. 

The city has a rich history of cuisine and many fine restaurants. The best-known mole is named after the city of Puebla, mole poblano.


Like many places in Mexico there is certainly crime, particulary crime against property.

Medical Facilities

You will find modern medical facilities in Puebla and they are reasonably priced compared to the U.S.


The airport has connections from Puebla to JFK and other major airports. The government of the state of Puebla has begun a program of pink taxis exclusively for women, driven by women and equipped with mechanisms to deter assaults.

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