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Living a Mountain Lifestyle in Cuenca, ECUADOR

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Where to Retire in Cuenca and Home Prices

There is an active expatriate society in this large city of more than 400,000.  Nice apartments and condos are available at a reasonable cost. Most expatriates have maids at very low cost.

What is special about Cuenca

Cuenca is one of the oldest cities in the Americas and preserves a great deal of early colonial history. It is a UNESCO World Hertitage Trust Site. Cost of living is low.  There are many interesting places to visit such as cathedrals. You can live at a very high standard at very low cost. Ecuador uses the dollar as its currency, which makes life easy for Americans. The people are friendly and welcome expats.

What is not special about Cuenca

You have to be ready for the adventure of living in a very different city.  8000' of elevation is high, so people with respiratory or circulation problems might not be able to live here.

Climate and Physical Environment

Eternal springtime!  50 degrees to 78 degrees every single day.  small delightful drizzle keeps everything lush and green! The altitude at 8,000' feet makes for a very attractive climate.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Fabulous art galleries and art stores, handicraft shops, leather goods, jewerly.
Nice theatre culture, numerous 5 star resorts, hotels and restaurants.   Interesting group of expats from around the world who have be in this heritage city!


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Medical facilities

Local medical facilities and doctors operate at a high and convenient standard, also at low cost.
New hospital completed july, 2009 ( although there are many other good ones........Hospital Del Rio is the best!


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