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Living a LGBT Lifestyle in Washington, Washington_D.C.

 The nation's capital has thousands of young people - including many who are LBGT.   The city is quite liberal, as are most urban centers, and so it generally feels comfortable to be open about one's sexuality.   That helps to make it the outstanding place  Washington, D.C. is for single people - there are so many folks in a similar situation that it makes being single a whole lot more enjoyable and rich.  The city's bars, restaurants, health clubs, museums, and offices are great places to meet and mingle with other single people - no matter what your age and sexual preference. Searching on line will find many organizations with activities and support for the gay community.

Where to Retire in Washington and Home Prices

The NAR reported that the median selling price of a home in the Washington/Alexandria/Arlington Metro was $498,100 in the first quarter of 2021. Homes within the city itself undoubtedly typically sell for much more.  There are CCRCs and assisted living facilities in the city and active communities in the surrounding area (look under northern Virginia and Maryland communities for more).

What Is Special about Washington

Washington is the center of the political universe.  It has amazing museums and countless free sources of entertainment. The Cherry Blossom Festival and Presidential Inaugurations are very special.

What Is Not Special about Washington

Washington has a lot of urban poor clustered in many neighborhoods. The wealthy and the young urban types have an uneasy existence with the poor - and vice versa. There is a great deal of crime.

Climate and Physical Environment

Summers are hot and humid and winters, while milder than the northeast, can experience big snowstorms. Washington is on the Potomac River sandwiched between Maryland and Virginia.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Washington is bursting with museums, historical attractions, and interesting restaurants. The Smithsonian has quite a few great museums such as the Hirschorn which charge no admission and have wonderful attractions.  Seeing the government in action with various tours of its operations such as Congress are fascinating and free. Every kind of cuisine is represented.


Depending on the area, crime is very high in much of Washington, D.C.

Medical Facilities

There are many great hospitals especially the one at George Washington Univ.


One of the best things about Washington is its mass transit system. The Metro runs through parts of the city with convenient service, including a short trip to Reagan Airport. Bus service is good as well. Dulles International Airport is not as convenient  (and goofy transport system to gates), offers flights all over the world. Amtrak in beautiful Union Station goes about anywhere, especially NY.

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