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Living a Lakeside Lifestyle in Lacey, Washington

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Where to Retire in Lacey and Home Prices

There are active communities in the area (See link at left).  Zillow reported the median home value to be $494,834 in mid-2022, up over 20% during the past year.

What Is Special about Lacey

Lacey is located on the Pugent Sound and is a town with five lakes, parks, a wildlife refuge, golf courses  and a Regional Athletic Complex.

What Is Not Special about Lacey

Lacey is not considered a walkable community; winters are cold with some snow and gets about 50 inches of rain annually.

Climate and Physical Environment

The average January temperature in Lacey is 38 degrees, July's average is 65 degrees. Lacey gets an average of 16 inches of snow annually, and 50 inches of rain.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Lacey is located on the Puget Sound and offers a lakes, parklands and a 3,700 wildlife refuge. The town hosts outdoor summer concerts, an open air community market, and a Spring Fun Fair.


The crime rate is well below average.

Medical Facilities

There are several medical facilities in Lacey and Olympia.


Amtrack is 3 miles away in Olympia; Seattle/Tacoma International Airport is 46 miles away.

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