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Living a Golf Lifestyle in Spearfish, South_Dakota

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Where to Retire in Spearfish and Home Prices

It is hard to get a good fix on real estate prices in Spearfish. In mid-2021 Zillow reported the median home value to be $284,064.

What Is Special about Spearfish

Frank Llloyd Wright visited the area and remarked about its beauty - "unique and unparalleled elsewhere in our country."  Spearfish holds the record for the biggest and fastest temperature change. in January of 1943 a Chinook wind took the temperature from -4 (F.) to 45 degrees in the space of 2 minutes, then after rising slightly promptly dropped back to -4 in just a few minutes.

What Is Not Special about Spearfish

It's a little isolated with the nearest large city, Rapid City 50 miles away. Winters are long and cold.

Climate and Physical Environment

January's average temperature is 27 degrees, July's average is 66 degrees.  Spearfish gets over 60 inches of snow annually.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Matthews Opera house, which opened in 1906, is the centerpiece of the Spearfish Arts Center and provides concerts and live theater; the Spearfish Area Historical Society provides programs with speakers concerning the area's history and development; downtown spearfish offers restaurants, shops, and breweries.


Spearfish has a low crime rate.

Medical Facilities

Spearfish Regional Hospital


The nearest reagional airporti is Rapid City Regional Airport 60 miles away, the nearest international airport is in Denver over 400 miles away.

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