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Living a Gated Community Lifestyle in Coronado Beach, PANAMA

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Where to Retire in Coronado Beach and Home Prices

There are numerous condominium projects on or near the beach that are popular with retirees. Many of them are gated. Prices have been rising. A typical price might be $2300 per square meter (more than $200/sq.ft.). These developments are popular both with expats from North and South America as well as from wealthy Panamanians looking for a getaway. High season rents for nice buildings with ocean views tend to be between $1500-$2000 per month, with fairly large apartments selling in the best buildings in the high $300s. Interior developments will be less.

What Is Special about Coronado Beach

Panama is considered a stable country both economically and politically. This is generally a safe area, particularly in the gated developments. The beaches are fantastic and the climate in never bad.

What Is Not Special about Coronado Beach

Prices have become expensive relative to a few years ago.   This is a resort area and that makes it fairly busy. It is hot and humid year round, although mitigated by the ocean climate.

Climate and Physical Environment

The climate here is about perfect with temperatures around 85 degrees and rainfall consistently low.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

As a beach town, Coronado Beach offers many good restaurants and recreational opportunities.


Crime is like many tourist destinations, it is not prevalent but there are some petty thefts and property crimes

Medical Facilities

There is a branch of the San Fernando Clinic located here that offers a wide range of services, but major medical centers and hospitals are located in Panama City, about an hour away.


You don't really need a car in Coronado Beach, a golf cart can get you around the community and there are taxis; bus service will take you to Panama City; the nearest airports are in Rio Hato about 30 minutes away, or Panama City about 1.5 hours away.

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