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Living a Equestrian Lifestyle in Durban, South_Africa

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Where to Retire in Durban and Home Prices

There are many areas of Durban where retirees might be happy. In South Durban property seems quite expensive. A recent check showed the most inexpensive apartments starting at over 500,000 Rand with luxury homes going into the multi-millions. The Rand is equal to .098 $US; the average mid-sized home in the country is about $100,000 US. Here is a link to some real estate lisings in Durban.

What Is Special about Durban

As a popular tourist center there is much to do with fabulous beaches and sights. The Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World are popuar attractions.  In the 1930s Durban embraced the new Art Deco style. Numerous buildings, especially residential apartment blocks, were erected in this new design. The styling on the Art Deco buildings reflect the different backgrounds of the city's population, some with a strong emphasis on the city's maritime background, other reflecting the interests of Durban's Muslim traders.

What Is Not Special about Durban

Like most of South Africa, Durban is a tale of 2 cities.  The affluent and middle class do fine, while the underclasses struggle.

Climate and Physical Environment

The climate is fairly even year round. The average summer temp is 82F and the average winter temp is 68. The city is located on the southeast coast of the country. Durban and its suburbs are hilly, except for locations in and around the central business district and the harbour.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

For a large city we did not find a great deal of traditional cultural institutions. There is a big casino and many parks. There are several colleges and universities including University of KwaZulu-Natal.


Crime in the wealthier areas  is modest, while in the slums it is quite a problem. The U.S. State Department rates crime as "critical" in Durban.  The type of crime runs the gamut from muggings to home invasions to car jackings to robberies in people's driveways.  Many wealthier people and expats live in gated communities for protection.

Medical Facilities

Durban has several leading hospitals and a high level of medical care.


Every form of transportation including mass transit is available in Durban. King Shaka International Airport services both domestic and international flights. Metrorail offers commuter rail service.

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