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Living a College Town Lifestyle in Titusville, Pennsylvania

The interestingly named college town of Titusville is the site of the first oil well in the world. Located in northwestern Pennsylvania about 50 miles south of Erie, this town has an unusual stock of Victorian mansions dating from the original oil boom in 1859.  Two streets are still paved in red bricks (Washington and Perry Streets) which add to the charm. The town has had its share of ups and downs as first the oil boom died and then its local steel industry faded out.  Now plastics and lumber are the key industries, along with some tourism. 

The town is home to the Titusville Campus of the University of Pittsburgh, which provides a classic college feel to the town. The campus is centered around the largest remaining mansion from the oil boom, the former Haskell-McKinney mansion.  If you love hunting and fishing Titusville is a great place to live.  The population is less than 8,000, and about the same number live in the surrounding countryside.

Where to Retire in Titusville and Home Prices

It is possible to buy a historic Victorian mansion in good shape for less than $200,000.

What Is Special about Titusville

Drake Well Museum and Park is located at the historic site of the world's first oil well and well worth a visit. The stock of beautiful old mansions from the oil days are beautiful. The best way to see them is via walking or on a bike. Having an extension of the University of Pittsburgh is a big advantage.

What Is Not Special about Titusville

It is remote and the economy has been in decline for a long time.

Climate and Physical Environment

Ttusville is in hilly country that represents the northwestern end of the Appalachians. Remnants of the last ice age are present in the creeks and huge boulders  in the area. Oil Creek is so named because in the 19th century crude oil was so close to the surface that it flowed on top of the creek.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

The Pitt campus provides some cultural offerings. Otherwise it is a 50 mile drive to Erie and 100 miles to Pittsburgh.


The crime rate is above the national average, but crimes are mainly property theft, not violent crimes.

Medical Facilities

Titusville Hospital services the town and surrounding area.


Titusville has a small airport servicing private airplanes. The nearest commercial airport is in Erie, about 50 miles away. Pittsburgh International airport is about 100 miles away.  Interstates 79 and 80 are each about 30 miles away to the west and south.

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