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Living a College Town Lifestyle in Exeter, New_Hampshire

Exeter hosts the elite prep school Phillips Exeter in eastern New Hampshire. The presence of the prep school and its interesting faculty makes it a good choice for individuals looking for a strong cultural environment.  The town is very old, going back to 1638.  Local families such as the Gilmans made fortunes in the risky business of sailing ships, trading goods around the world. Exeter had just under 15,000 people in 2007. It's just a short hop the coast, Durham (Univ. of New Hampshire), and Boston.

Here is how one enthusiastic visitor described Exeter on "(Exeter is) Very bustling, lots of activity, and still a beautiful, historic New England town. Downtown was fantastic."  Other posters tended to agree that Exeter's downtown and its schools are wonderful.

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Where to Retire in Exeter and Home Prices

There are several active communities to choose from in Exeter, with more in the surrounding area.  The median home value here was $504,502 in mid-2022, according to

What Is Special about Exeter

In addition to Phillips Exeter Academy, the town has a number of distinguished buildings including the Old Town Hall of 1855. The Old Public Library of 1894, is home to the Exeter Historical Society. The Gilman Garrison House is a National Historical Landmark.

What Is Not Special about Exeter

It's a small town with cold winters.

Climate and Physical Environment

Exeter is situated where the Exeter River feeds the tidal Squamscott River in eastern New Hampshire; it is a short drive to New Hampshire's coast as well as Boston; the average January temp is in the mid 20's and the average July temp is 70.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Exeter has many cultural events such as plays and concerts which are open to the public.  The National Independence Museum is an interesting place to visit. There is also the Ioka Theatre of 1915 on Water Street. Boston and its many attractions are less than 50 miles; Durham and the University of New Hampshire is just 14 miles.


Crime is so low it is almost non-existent.

Medical Facilities

Exeter Hospital serves the town.


There is an AMTRAK office in Exeter.  Boston is only 46 miles away. Exeter is a very walkable community.

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