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Living a Beach Lifestyle in Kusadasi, TURKEY

Kusadasi (pronounced Koos' a dah' sha) is one of the most popular summer beach destinations in Turkey. The beach stretches for well over a mile in town, and goes beyond the city limits as well.  Many nice restaurants are set up on the beach to accommodate sun-worshipers. Located on the southern coast of the Aegean Sea, the population of the "Island of Birds" swells to almost 1 million in summer from a winter time count of about 250,000.  Its glittering bay is the destination for a steady parade of cruise ships who come here to visit the amazing ancient ruins of Ephesus - one of the largest and richest cities of the ancient world.  Thousands of summer homes and apartments rise up along the terraced hills going away from the harbor. Busy markets on the popular shopping boulevards near the harbor team with expensive rug and jewelry stores, not to mention hundreds of souvenir stores and restaurants.

Where to Retire in Kusadasi and Home Prices

There are many apartments and homes in Kusadasi to choose from.  Retirees will find a complete infrastructure with many restaurants and entertainments.  Retirement here is much less expensive than in the more affluent northern European countries.  Home prices range from about 50,000 to 150,000 Euros. There are many apartment developments where you could find a mix of retirees and summer people. The city decidely quiets down in the rainy winters.  Most of the residents are Turkish or European.

What Is Special about Kusadasi

There are many nice beaches. The ruins of Ephesus make this one of the top tourist destinations in the world, so there are many restaurants and shops. Food is very inexpensive, gasoline is decidely not! The area is predominately Muslim, but Kusadasi is extremely tolerant.

What Is Not Special about Kusadasi

Thronged with tourists in summer when the cruise ships come in. You have to get used to the very aggressive rug and jewelry salesmen.

Climate and Physical Environment

Kusadasi is located on Turkey's southwestern coast - on the Aegean Sea.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

It is dominated by the magnificent ruins of Ephesus


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Medical Facilities

There are modern medical facilities in Kusadasi


There is a small airport and many ferries connecting to Greece and Istanbul

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