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Living a Beach Lifestyle in Bodrum, TURKEY

Bodrum, in southwest Turkey on the Aegean Sea, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.many Europeans come here to spend the winter near its beaches and coastline.  The city has  a very long cove that feaures sandy beaches, seaside restaurants and cafes, and shops of every description. Grape arbors provide shade along the narrow streets. Although thousands of tourists can throng the streets, there is a relaxed atmosphere. Broad, tree-lined streets along the avenues yield to white washed homes and villas sweeping up the hills overlooking the Aegean. These homes have breathtaking vistas of Bodrum Castle and visiting sailboats moored in the harbor.

Summer is the busy season. It is also very hot then. Winter temperatures average 19C and 66F. Although you will occasionally see women in headscarves, Bodrum appears to be a very liberal place. Tourists parade through town in microscopic bathing suits and  occasional topless sunbathers are not bothered.

Where to Retire in Bodrum and Home Prices

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What Is Special about Bodrum

Famous sites in Bodrum include Bodrum Castle, with itsunderwater museum.  The Mausoleum of Mausalus was a monumental tomb built for the Satrap who gave his name to fancy burial places. The Mausoleum was one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World. The Knights of St. John (Crusaders) built the Castle of St. Peter (Bodrum Castle) here in 1522; it is still the most imposing edifice on the harbor. 

What Is Not Special about Bodrum

It is hot and crowded with tourists in summer.

Climate and Physical Environment

Bodrum is on the southwest coast of Turkey on the Aegean Sea. Average winter temperature is in the 66 (F) and 19 (C). The area is exceptionally dry, even the winters have little rainfall.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

The Underwater Museum of Archeology is an excellent museum. Bodrum has many restaurants and an active night life. Bodrum's ancient history with many conquerors and rulers makes for a fascinating place to live.


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Medical Facilities

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There is a small airport. Ferry service to other parts of Turkey and Greece is available.

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