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Living a Beach Lifestyle in Cancun, MEXICO

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Where to Retire in Cancun and Home Prices

There are a variety of types of homes suitable for retirees in this resort community, ranging from beachfront condos to secluded villas. Prices will range widely depending on size, proximity to the ocean, and quality. We have seen 1 bedroom units for sale for around $100k (US), 2 and 3  bedroom condos in the mid $200's, and estates into the millions.  Part of the choice depends on your budget and desire to be right on the water.

What Is Special about Cancun

This is a popular resort with a wide range of amenities and restaurants, plus it is easy to get to. It is relatively safe and the sea is beautiful. El Centro, the old city center, is interesting and provides more than your usual tourist town. There are some small Mayan vestiges of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization in Cancún. El Rey (Las Ruinas del Rey) is located in the Hotel Zone

What Is Not Special about Cancun

A number of hurricanes have passed through here including Gilbert, Wilma, and Dean. Because it is more popular with North Americans, real estate is more expensive than some other parts of Mexico.

Climate and Physical Environment

Cancun is located at the tip of the Yucutan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea. It is surprisingly close to the southeastern U.S. The city is warm year-round, and moderated by onshore trade winds, with an annual mean temperature of 27.1 °C (80.8 °F). It receives about 53' of rain each year. May through Sept are the hottest months, although sea breezes tend to keep temperatures from getting too hot.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

As a large city and very popular tourist destination there is no shortage of restaurants. Many people are interested in the Mayan ruins and attractions in El Centro.


There is crime in Cancun but most of it is the type you would expect in a major city of 600,000 people with a tourist area. The drug related violence of other parts of Mexico is not as prevalent here.  Generally expats who stay in tourist areas and the old downtown will not be exposed to much but petty crime.

Medical Facilities

Being part of a large city you will find every type of medical care here. Expats rave about the high quality and low cost of medical care here, including house calls by doctors. Since Medicare is not honored here you should consider purchasing the relatively affordable medical insurance.


Cancún is served by Cancún International Airport, which has many flights to North America, Central America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

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